Our Horses

Hot Number

aka – Hottie 

Hottie is a sporty American Saddlebred used in our advanced lesson program and has been a star in the walk-trot academy division for Golden Isles Riding Academy. She has a beautiful face full of expression and loves to show off in the ring. She can be a little shy in her stall but a carrot goes a long way with her. Cheer for her and her rider at the next show.

Simply Satisfying

aka – Simon

Simon is an American Saddlebred loved by many at the barn for his sweet nature and heart of gold.  He loves attention and looks forward to hugs and treats.  His show career was devoted to driving classes and winning ribbons in fine harness to pleasure driving classes and he now enjoys showing off in the academy division with his riders.  He is the perfect horse to challenge the rider who has advanced in his or her skills and is a great teacher for those wanting to learn to drive.  Come visit Simon at the barn and bring some carrots to be his best friend for life.

Sunset’s Country Gentleman

aka – Eddy

Eddy, a gorgeous American Saddlebred, Chestnut in color has a beautiful full mane and tail that floats through the wind as he and his rider make their way around the ring.  Part of the advanced rider lessons, this strong, high stepping boy teaches his riders the techniques that will make them ribbon winners.

I’m The Real Deal

aka – Dealer

This power-packed show horse has won in several divisions including placing at the World’s Championship Horse Show and continues his winning ways. Dealer is a beautiful American Saddlebred with a personality that is front and center. When he enters the ring with his young rider his personality shines and he lives up to his show name. His sweet nature just makes you want to hug him. He shines for Golden Isles Riding Academy and his owner. When you come to the barn be sure and stop by with a carrot for him.

Walk the Line

aka – Cash

Cash is a beautiful Bay Saddlebred.  He has a bold personality and is very social.  He loves attention and will let you know when he is not getting enough of it.  He enjoys challenges and takes his owner through their competitions smoothly and with ease.  He has a moon shape marking on his forehead, which explains how out of the world he is.

Master of the Universe

aka – KC

KC is a gentle 12 year old Bay Saddlebred with great energy.  New to our barn, he is learning the ways of his new owner and rider.  Each showing off the other with ease and excellence, bringing his rider’s expectations to a new level.


Crystal Creeks Grand Master

aka – Buddy

Funny Buddy is a Hackney Pony in training to show in the pleasure driving division. Not quite ready for the show ring but his training is coming along nicely. Buddy is a master at eating carrots and apples and nickers at everyone hoping for a treat. His future is bright so watch for him to debut soon in the show ring.

Kalarama’s Mr. Brown

aka – Mr. B

This American Saddlebred serves double duty as a beautiful pleasure driving horse and a walk-trot star. A perfect example of the beautiful breed, Mr. Brown is as sweet as can be. He is a seasoned show horse and has continued his winning ways under the Golden Isles Riding Academy banner. Be sure and cheer for him in the ring for a mother and daughter team.

Day on The Town

aka – Dia

This big beautiful mare screams look at me and has been busy taking her rider into the winners circle. Don’t let her big size fool you because she is just a sweetheart, but when the show gate opens she knows her job. She and her young rider represent Golden Isles Riding Academy very well. Come out to the barn and be sure to bring her a carrot.

Broadway’s Golden Dust Storm

aka – Stormy



Corey is a Belgian Draft horse, a gentle giant.  With his easy going personality, Corey is a member of our beginners horse riding lesson program.  Having a kind nature, Corey helps to boost a first timer’s confidence level.  The center of attention, there is always a line of riders waiting their turn.


One of our best school horses that knows his job and always makes the rider comfortable. A 13 year old grey Quarter Horse, Flash loves kids, is gentle and easy to love. He has willingness to please and loves special treats. Come take a lesson on Flash today and you’ll fall in love with him too. Don’t forget the peppermints and carrots!


In Remembrance of Holly

aka – Holly Jolly

Not the fanciest horse, but was certainly the most popular with our riders.  Lovable Holly was a young at heart 25 year-old Quarter Horse that charmed her way into every rider’s heart.  If you had never ridden before then Holly was the horse of choice to begin with.  Safe, dependable and always consistent, Holly gave the new rider an instant boost of confidence and started them in the right direction for enjoying horses.  When not teaching new riders she served as the ambassador for Golden Isles Riding Academy during camp days or birthday parties when she let aspiring artists paint all over her, which is one of the all-time favorite activities other than riding.  Holly always charmed her way right into your heart.  Sadly we lost Holly to illness; but she is always near coaching on new riders and horses.



This is Rodney.  A 19 year old Chestnut colored quarter horse.  A sweet boy who has some favorite sweets – apples, peppermints and carrots.  He is a border at our barn and loves hanging out with his best bud, Dealer, munching on the green pasture grasses.  His owner, Ms. Gayle Glover visits regularly making sure his coat shines like a copper penny.


Pretty and Cinnamon

Photos coming soon….

Pretty a 21 year old black Saddlebred and her companion Cinnamon, a 21 year old Tennessee Walking horse, have come to the Golden Isles Riding Academy to spend their retirement days making new friends and nibbling the green grasses of our pastures.  Welcome ladies!  We know you will love it here.



He thinks he’s a horse but you can’t ride him. He might be small but he is a bucking bronco if you try to ride him. Ask some of the kids – they tried! Mini-Coop is a 3 year-old miniature Zebu that is right at home with the horses. Come out and pet him today – he loves tootsie rolls and we keep them on hand for him.

Brantley, Lucy Lou and Hondo Mondo

As much a part of the barn as any of the horses you will always be greeted out front by these 3 super-friendly dogs. They are better than any doorbell and just happy to see everyone. Don’t let their barking fool you – they are just letting you know that they are happy you came!

 Stanley and Lesley

Meet Stanley and Lesley, our Mini Donkeys!!  Named for the farrier and his wife who are mentors to Ms. Kelli, they arrived at the barn on March 3, 2017.  Stanley (who is a “Jack”) is grey and about 6 months old.  Lesley (who is a “Jennie”) is white and about 5 months old.  They roam the property and are very friendly.  When fully mature they will stand approximately 36 inches tall and can weigh over 200 pounds.  Make sure you bring pieces of carrot as a treat for them!