Lesson Programs

Whether you are a timid beginner or a seasoned rider there is always something to learn at Golden Isles Riding Academy. Our wonderful school horses are hand-picked to build the rider’s confidence and ensure a fun, safe ride. Once the rider has reached a certain level of confidence then they are challenged to bring out the best and reach their specific riding goals. No two lessons are alike and are always centered around the rider’s level while encouraging them to steadily improve. While many riders enjoy lessons on a weekly basis, others receive instruction two or three times a week depending on their desired results. All beginning riders start with private lessons before moving on to group and show lessons.

All Lessons at Golden Isles Riding Academy are $60. All riders must sign a release form prior to their ride. Minors must have a parent or guardian complete the rider information form and sign the Release of Liability Form.

Private Lessons

All new riders begin with one-on-one private lessons. This guarantees complete focus on the rider allowing the instructor to assess their skill level and tailor the lesson to encourage the rider and build confidence.

Group Lessons

Designed for the intermediate to advanced rider allowing them to work on ring strategy and more advanced horsemanship skills. Riding in groups challenges the rider to adjust and maintain their position in the ring and teaches them how to be proactive controlling their horse in a group setting.

Show Lessons

For our advanced riders preparing for a show, these lessons are meant to ready the rider for the show ring. Riders will practice entering the ring at the show trot and placing themselves in the ring to maximize their exposure to the judge. These lessons are intense and pressure the rider to perform their best. Of course, we still make it fun.

Driving Lessons

It’s not your grandmother’s buggy anymore! Driving lessons are available with our school horses or ponies. Drivers begin at the walk guiding the horse around the ring and through a series of cones before moving on to the trot. Drivers will learn the parts of the harness and how to properly prepare their horse for driving along with safety issues that give the driver confidence.

Tiny-Tots Lessons

For our little ones that have a love of horses but not quite ready to take the reins on their own. A full 20 minute lesson starts with getting comfortable around the horse, giving them a treat, explaining the saddle, bridle and other tack before sitting up tall in the saddle. All Tiny-Tot lessons are taught in the small round pen and the instructor is always at the rider’s side to ensure safety and a fun introduction to horses. Much more than just a pony ride.

Custom Lessons

If you are having a particular problem or need extra instruction in an area then we can discuss the concern and tailor a lesson to concentrate on the issue at hand. Helpful during many phases of learning and improving your skills.

For more information, feel free to email Owner/Trainer Kelli Jordan at kellijordan@goldenislesridingacademy.com.

Horse Riding Lesson in Brunswick, GA