Known as the “Peacock” of the showring the American Saddlebred is not only a true pleasure to ride but a blast to show. These true show horses know when they hit the ring that it is time to shine and the rider’s training and ability comes into full play. We encourage all our riders to enjoy the competition of the show ring and whether they own their own show horse or lease from Golden Isles Riding Academy the show “bug” will bite and GAME ON. Golden Isles Riding Academy attends many shows in the Southeast and host several shows each year.

Academy Division

Most new riders will begin in the Academy Division where the competition can be very stiff but all riders in this division are new to the show ring. Our shows hosted at Golden Isles Riding Academy are the perfect first show for a new rider. Our riders have practiced and are comfortable at “home” on a horse that they have ridden many times. It is a great introduction to showing and calming their nerves. Once they realize they can do this and do it well the sky is the limit. They won’t always have a winning performance, but they will always learn something important from the day. Showing horses requires support from family and friends and true sportsmanship. It is a great way to meet others that share their love of horses and compete in a friendly atmosphere. Each show is priced according to travel and facility charges and will be posted well ahead of schedule. A deposit will be required to attend all shows.

Performance Classes

While Academy classes are just as competitive as Performance classes the Performance classes allow the rider to further their skills in a particular division. The rider usually owns their own horse or can lease a horse from Golden Isles Riding Academy trained in that particular division. Generally, the horse and rider team compete within their age group and then move up to championship classes. Unlike the horses in the Academy division these horses must be registered American Saddlebreds and have that true show horse attitude to compete at higher levels.

So whether your goal is to simply ride along the trails and bond with your horse we do encourage you to compete in at least our home show and see if the bug bites you.