Boarding & Training

Horse Boarding & Training Programs in Program Brunswick, GA

We strive to provide the best care and professional training available to you and your horse. Our goal is to help you improve the bond and performance with your horse. We travel to local and national shows for all levels of competition but also enjoy a nice casual trail ride around the farm. Horsed are trained and groomed 5 days a week based on individual requirements and feed is formulated to the needs of your horse. We use top quality grain and hay products and stalls are heavily bedded and cleaned daily. Excellent veterinary care and farrier services are provided on-site and supervision by our staff is provided as necessary.

Full Board and Training


Extra or Additional Lessons


Pasture Board

Available on a first come first serve basis due to limited availability. Your horse will be in pasture full time with one or two pasture mates. Each pasture has stalls and horses are fed and given hay twice daily.


Additional Items

Any additional items per the owner’s request will be discudded and billed as necessary. We want to accomodate and exceed your expectations.

Billed per agreement

Board and Training Horses Receive

  • 12×12 rubber matted stall heavily bedded
  • Stalls with tail boards if necessary
  • Automatic Waterers
  • Salt and Mineral Blocks
  • Individual Fans and Stall Lights
  • Daily Grooming
  • Daily Feedings tailored to each specific horse
  • Stalls cleaned at least 2x daily
  • Indoor Washracks
  • Shoo-Fly misting system
  • Farrier and Veterinarian Scheduling
  • Customized Training 5 days per week

For more information, feel free to email Owner/Trainer Kelli Jordan at